Company History

CONCEPCION DURABLES, INC. -- a wholly-owned subsidiary of Concepcion Industries, Inc., is one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the Philippines engaged in manufacturing of refrigerators and freezers for domestic market for more than 30 years.

The success and continuing growth of Concepcion Durables, Inc. is manifested by the building of a new Refrigerator Plant situated in Calabarzon, located at Light Industry and Science Park 1 Bo. Diezmo, Cabuyao, Laguna. The new Mega-Complex incorporates the latest manufacturing technology in various countries from Asia, United States and Europe. The Management of Concepcion Durables, Inc. considers Quality as the key essential element towards its quest for Excellence.


Jose N. Concepcion Sr., the Founder.

At 60, for many twilights of their years, he broke away from a comfortable career as Chief Executive of a multinational firm and boldly pioneered his vision of Philippine industrialization.

Initially, it was a difficult mission, shared then by his spouse and business partner, Herminia. Later, the second generation of Concepcions would join them, just as import substation began to take root.

The CII founder, together with son Raul, began the long hard journey to integration and global competitiveness for the local appliance industry.

The elder Concepcion passed a set of principles he lived and worked by -- hard work, involvement, attention to what might seem to others as detail, and integrity.

For 32 years his vision and principles bred a culture of excellence and corporate responsibility.


In order to meet our objective, we shall:

Ensure that our operations are manned by qualified people sufficiently trained and educated in our quality system.

Encourage the identification of programs that shall improve our operations.

Ensure that our quality is periodically reviewed and audited to identify and improve weak areas.

Ensure that our Quality Policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization.

Continuously develop innovations in our products based on current trends in market and technology.