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5 Convenient Businesses You Can Start from Your Home

Are you thinking of ways to earn even while inside the house? It’s time to begin your dream business without needing to leave the comforts of your home. Here are five convenient businesses that you can try, and for sure, with passion, creativity, and hard work, you’re bound to gain a lot of profit in no time!

Baking and cooking

If you are skilled in baking and cooking, then you can eventually turn this hobby into a home catering business. First, you must decide on the type of catering service that you want to focus on. Next, check your city and barangay to learn about the permits you need and the licenses you have to apply for. Afterward, you can start thinking about your business structure. You can choose the sole proprietorship as it is the simplest. However, you can also consider setting up a partnership. You’ll also have to name your business when you set up your structure and obtain your permits, so make sure that you think of a name that is memorable but gets the message across.

If you are new to starting a business, then do some research about accounting and management. Learn how to create a detailed business plan and a marketing plan. After you have prepared yourself for the administrative side of things, then you can begin creating your menu. You can start with the meals that you are already adept at making, but make sure to do some market research to provide what people are looking for.

When it comes to catering, it is easier if you come up with a list of items that customers can mix and match to create their own food set.
Make sure that you have quality cookware, dishware, and other food-preparation tools, as well as the best negosyo refrigerator. Find suppliers and see if you can buy your ingredients wholesale. Next, advertise your services. The internet is a very good place to find potential customers, and you should also take advantage of delivery services nationwide. Once you have your first set of orders, ask your initial customers for testimonials and referrals — you can even offer discounts and freebies in exchange for the initial referrals and reviews!

Arts and crafts

If you’re good at arts and crafts, then perhaps it’s about time that you utilize this skill and transform it into a business. You can create anything you think people will love, or simply embellish seemingly everyday objects. You can set up a stall, post your creations online, or even ask for customized orders. However, if you’re still on the fence, here are some business ideas that will utilize your passion for arts and crafts.


Believe it or not, handcrafted jewelry has started to become popular again, with most of the customers finding the shops through Instagram. You can sell everything from beaded jewelry to hand-painted bracelets. Let your creativity shine, but don’t forget to create those Instagram-worthy posts.

Gift Baskets

Creating gift baskets will not only utilize your skills in arts and crafts but would also allow you to penetrate a niche that isn’t very saturated yet. Create basket designs that will tickle the imagination, and then put some products that are specific to certain events or holidays. For example, you can create Christmas baskets, Valentine’s baskets, wedding baskets, and even get-well-soon baskets.

Mural Painting

If you want to utilize your artistry, then go for mural painting! Lots of business owners go for mural painting, such as those who own schools, pediatric clinics, and daycare centers. You can even offer your services to residential areas, and watch your business grow.
You can start by painting something in your own home, or ask a friend if you can paint his or her walls. This will help you create a portfolio that you can show to potential clients or post online.

Teaching Arts and Crafts

If you have the patience for teaching, you can open a small school so you can share your knowledge, techniques, and skills. Both kids and adults will greatly benefit from learning more techniques pertaining to arts and crafts, and you will never run out of students as long as you market yourself well. You can start by attracting students from your immediate community, and then slowly build an online reputation so you can expand to other areas.

Online retail store

Due to the advancement in technology and the advent of delivery services in the country, having an online retail store has become a very good way to earn a living. There are three major steps: the first is finding suppliers, the second is to advertise to reach potential customers, and the third is to find the right delivery services for your products to reach your customers.

However, it’s not always a walk in the park. You have to make sure that you decide on your niche. This means that you have to know the specific types of products that you’re going to sell, and who you want to sell them to. Not all beginning entrepreneurs put a great deal of thought into their niche, but choosing your niche is vital because this will determine if you will be able to properly make a mark against your competitors. When choosing a niche, always think of product prices, customer habits, and market opportunities.

Photography and Graphics Design

If you have enough knowledge and tools to be able to take great photos, and if you also know how to create functional and aesthetically pleasing designs, then a photography and design business could be your ideal option.

There are various ways to make money from photography. The first is to offer portrait services to people or pets. The second option is to take photos at events, such as weddings, debuts, and even product launches. Third, if you like to photograph a wide range of subjects, then you can sell your photos to stock-image companies.

Although graphics design is highly technical, it would be financially rewarding if you brush up on your knowledge of fonts, color, texture, and layouts. Many businesses need graphics for their marketing efforts, and designers are always in demand as more companies strive to upload scheduled posts on social media platforms.

Begin creating your portfolio, and build a portfolio website. You can also utilize social media to extend your reach. Afterward, try going to job websites and groups to see if any companies need design services.

Selling homemade ice cream and ice candy

Who doesn’t love eating cold desserts? Starting an ice candy and homemade ice cream business will rake in a lot of earnings, as people of all ages love food that is cold and sweet.

You can browse online to learn how to make homemade ice cream, and also order the ingredients online. As for ice candy, it is simple enough to be able to sell alongside the homemade ice cream.

People love homemade ice cream because it has a certain flavor that commercial ice cream just can’t replicate, especially when coconut milk is used. It’s also quite easy to make, even without an ice cream maker. Making fruit ice cream is even easier — all you need is milk, sugar, eggs, whipped cream, some fruit, and some patience.

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Are you excited to see your business grow and flourish? We are just as excited as you!

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