Condura Guide on Starting Your Own Business


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How to Start Your Own Business with Condura

Starting a business is a challenging venture. You must prepare many important things before turning your innovative ideas into an actual business. Some people are lucky because they already have a successful business, made possible by the owner’s hard work, determination, and many years of experience and gathered skills. Just like them, you too can become successful, though it may be difficult at first. Many beginners do not even have capital, which is why many business owners must pay off their debts during the early years of their trade. In such a case, focus on planning and preparation even before you set up your own store. The question is, “How am I even going to start my own business? Where do I begin? How do I prepare?” Well, these are questions that would be best answered by our short, helpful guide. Read on to start your business right with Condura refrigerator professionals.

Condura as a Long-Time Business Partner of the Filipino People

Condura has been around for a long time, helping every Filipino who dreams of being a successful business owner someday. A Filipino’s determination to build, maintain, and expand their businesses or “Negosyo” is definitely impressive and unbeatable.

Even with the changing economy, the strength, courage, and determination of a Filipino to succeed cannot be matched by anyone else. For example, even when you think that your neighbor’s sari-sari store is about to go bankrupt, it continues to attract customers, only because your neighbor did not give up hope when it came to their only source of income. The question is, were they (in one way or another) helped by Condura? Short answer? Yes, they definitely are.

Condura only has one thing in mind when it comes to “Negosyo,” and it’s about making things more accessible and convenient to the average Filipino. One good example is the Condura Negosyo Warranty. This is important, especially for our fellow Filipinos who are using a Condura refrigerator for their business (like your neighbor who sells ice candies). Condura Negosyo Warranty allows its own warranty to be extended towards Filipinos who are using their refrigerators for their own business. Other brands do not even provide the same type of warranty for their own appliances.

Starting your business, the Condura way

  • Plan your business

It’s about having a good idea, a goal that you need to fulfill in order to have a successful business. You must create a business plan for this. It isn’t too simple, but it is also manageable enough for you to accomplish. Basically, you must do your own research about your potential customers; think about how your business will run and how it will continue to prosper. You may coordinate with your local Barangays and the other departments of the government when it comes to doing your research. The ideas and suggestions regarding the type of business you may build will be mentioned in a while.

  • Find a reliable supplier

The suppliers would be the ones to provide the ingredients or components of the product that you are planning to sell. If you are planning to sell halo-halo, for example, then look for a supplier who will provide the complete ingredient package at an affordable price. Of course, this would depend on the type of business that you’d choose. Also, consider that the pricing of your products would depend on the pricing of your suppliers.

  • Finance your business

This may be one of the most important things about starting your own business, the money, the starting capital that you’d need for the business to run. Of course, calculating your first capital and long-term planning would help you in strengthening your business.

  • Register your business

Every business has to register with the DTI and must have at least a clearance to operate within your local community. Do not forget this, as you wouldn’t want your business to be branded as illegal. All businesses registered with the government will also need to follow the law about paying your taxes regularly.

  • Maintain your business

Being able to start a business is hard enough, but it’s even harder to maintain. You should not stop developing your business, even if it starts well, and it seems that nothing can go wrong. Think of diverse ways to sustain your business, add promos to your products and promote your business through social media.

Guide Questions to Ask Before You Expand your Business

Don’t just stop with one branch. If your karinderya is already a success within your neighborhood, then expand your business towards other Barangays as well. Who knows, you might just be the next successful food millionaire in the country.

There are things to ask yourself before starting your own business. They say that the best way to prepare for anything would be to think about all your options, and there is no better way to do that than to ask yourself a few important questions about your planned business.

  • Why am I starting a business?

Is it because you need an extra source of income? Is it a long-time dream of yours? Is it just going to be a new hobby you’d like to try? The answer to these questions would determine how motivated you are about starting your own business.

  • What kind of business do I want?

Does it have something to do with your skills? If you are good at cooking, maybe you could think of a restaurant or a food stall business? If you have experience or knowledge about retail business like selling or accounting, you may consider having a sari-sari store. Aside from this, assess how much time are you willing to give for the business you want? Will you do it as your full-time or part-time business?

  • Who is my ideal customer?

Are they your neighbors? Are they customers from far away provinces? You may also ask yourself, does this target market has really a purchasing power for my business? In this way, you can assess if they could be your ideal or best potential customer.

  • What products or services will my business provide?

What would your customers need? What does your community need?

  • Am I ready to spend the time and money needed to get my business started?

Are you willing to balance your time between your sari-sari store and your regular job? Is this business going to be like a part-time job to you? Are you going to be able to balance two jobs at once?

  • What makes my business idea and the products or services I will provide different from others in the market?

Is your chosen product unique or does it have a winning edge against competitors? If it’s about food, is it delicious or at par with the market standards today?

  • Where will my business be located?

Are you planning to start your business within the extension of your home? Are you going to rent vacant space in a commercial area? Are you willing to pay monthly rent for your business space or are choosing first to have it online?

  • How many employees do I need?

This has something to do with the size of your planned business. If it’s a big business, then you will need many staff or helpers. The opposite applies to a smaller, simpler business idea.

Condura Negosyo Ideas and Tips

“What type of business could I possibly build up that would provide a lifetime of income?” These following suggestions may probably give you a bit of inspiration.

A sari-sari store

A sari-sari store is a practical, small-time business that every Filipino’s familiar with. You can start with minimum investment and grow your sari-sari store later on. Find wholesale partners to get your merchandise at a discounted price. Also, invest in durable refrigerators and freezers to keep your products cold and fresh.

Suggested Condura product: Negosyo No Frost Inverter Pro Refrigerator for your bottled drinks

Hobby-based business

Home-made bread, coffee, sweets, and other food delivery items have been a trending business for some time now. Don’t be left behind. Share the world and your community your talent with sweets. For more small business ideas that you can start from the comfort of your home, check out this blog: Small Business Ideas Pinoys Can Start At Home.

Suggested Condura product: Condura Ultima Inverter Two Door Refrigerator for home and small business use

A meat shop

Now your neighbors wouldn’t have to go far just to buy a few slices of meat. Having a meat shop is both convenient and profitable for you and your community.

Suggested Condura product: Condura Negosyo Chest Freezer Inverter Pro for perishable produce

A food stall

Your local karinderya probably earns a couple of thousands a month, and that’s not even a bad thing. This will be great if you also have great skills when it comes to cooking, which can attract more customers.

Suggested Condura product: Condura Negosyo Chiller Pro for food and drinks

A milk tea store

Everyone loves milk tea. You could make your milk tea different from the others by choosing unique flavors and offering other snacks. The choice is always yours to make it more unique.

Suggested Condura product: Condura Negosyo Chest Freezer for the ice supply

A Laundromat extension

Well, everyone loves clean clothes, but not everyone loves to wash them after. Perhaps using a reliable washing machine would make things more convenient. Laundromats have somewhat become a trend within most barangays. They’ve somehow become a meeting place for neighbors to share stories of their daily lives while doing their laundry. Why not try out this business and offer a few snacks and cold drinks while they wait?

Suggested Condura product: Condura Negosyo Inverter Pro Two Door Refrigerator for cold drinks

How to Start Your Own Business with Condura

Guides to Business Registration

We’ve mentioned before that signing up for your business according to the requirements of the government would make it legal to run within the community. It doesn’t even matter what business you have in mind. As long as it is not against the law and you’re willing to run your business to the satisfaction of your customers, you’re all set to make a profitable living.

Determine your Business Type

  1. Sole Proprietorship
    If the business is a Sole Proprietorship, you must register with the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI)
    What you’ll need: A Business Name Registration Certificate
    Where to get it: From the DTI-Provincial Office where the business is located or log on to
    – Its validity: 5 years
  2. Partnership or Corporation
    If the business is a Partnership & Corporation, you must register with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
    What you’ll need: A SEC Registration Certificate
    Where to get it:
    – Its validity: 50 years
  3. Cooperative
    If the business is a Cooperative, you must register with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)
    What you’ll need: A Certificate of Authority
    Where to get it:

Aside from the ones already mentioned, you may also need to do the following as well:

Register with the Municipality

  • What you’ll need: A Mayor’s Permit
  • Where to get it: From the Municipality or City where the business is located
  • Its validity: 1 year

Register with Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

  • What you’ll need: An Employer’s Tax Identification Number
  • Where to get it: From the BIR Provincial Office where the business is located or go to the BIR Revenue District Office
  • Website:
  • Its validity: 1year

Register with Philippines Business Registry (PBR) for SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig

You may visit their local offices or official websites for application requirements.

So, that’s about it. If you have more questions about the specific government agencies and departments, feel free to ask help from your local Barangay officials. They surely have a complete list of processes for you to complete in order for your business to run legally in the community. Of course, it may seem hard at first, but reading our guide would at least give you an idea of the things that you should do and the things that you should avoid doing.

Do it with determination, do it with a goal set in place, and do it with Condura Philippines! With Condura, you will proudly and confidently say, “Iba ang Pinoy!” Check our website for affordable refrigerator price in the Philippines or follow us on our Facebook page for flash freezer price sale.


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