The Best Freezer for Your Unique Desserts Negosyo


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Iba ang Pinoy: The Best Freezer for Your New Negosyo

Do you already have a home-based business, or are thinking of starting one? Now that we have gotten more used to staying indoors, this doesn’t mean that we have to run out of business ideas. Here are examples of unique businesses that you can launch from the comfort of your home, with limitless potential for growth.

Unique Desserts

One good way to run a negosyo from home is to start a dessert business. However, you need to be smart about this and come up with unique ideas to set yourself apart. Being smart with your business also means planning all aspects of your negosyo. Think about the goods that you want to sell. Plan where to source your items. Think about the type of negosyo refrigerator to get since there are many refrigerators in the Philippines.

Looking for unique desserts that you can create and sell from your home? Recreate these cold sweets from different parts of the world and add your own touch to make it your one-of-a-kind Pinoy dessert.

  • Deep-fried chocolate bars

Deep-fried chocolate? Though chocolate bars are already delicious, you should start experimenting with some added extras. In Scotland, chocolate shops offer their customers the chance to have their favorite chocolate bar battered and then deep-fried. This sounds deliciously unhealthy, but will surely lead to a lot of sales.

  • Ais Kacang

This dessert is from our Malaysian and Singaporean neighbors. Literally, it means “ice and beans” and would hav