Inverter Refrigerator for Businesses and Households


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Negosyo Saving 101: How Much Can You Save With an Inverter Ref?

Cost-efficient inverter refrigerator

For sari-sari stores or convenience store owners, having a cost-efficient refrigerator that delivers its maximum potential is a great investment and will surely help your business thrive. Inverter technology on refrigerators has changed the game when it comes to energy efficiency and cost savings. Investing in a durable inverter ref means more savings for you and more budget allotted for your business. That is why Condura developed the Negosyo Pro Inverter Refrigerators to be the perfect partners of Filipino negosyo owners.

Advantages of Using Inverter Refrigerator for Businesses and Households

A lot of businesses and households have switched and are continuously switching to inverter refrigerators for a lot of reasons, with energy efficiency topping the list. Inverter refs are the more durable choice if you want to invest in a good refrigerator because their engine starts up slowly, so there’s a lesser chance of wear and tear of the compressor. Remember that refrigerators don’t come cheap, so it’s supposed to last you years before you find a replacement. Lastly, an inverter fridge