Laundry Tips for the Rainy Season


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How to Keep Clothes Dry and Fresh this Rainy Season

Laundry during rainy season

The rainy season always poses a challenge when it’s time to do your laundry. It’s hard to dry clothes when the sun isn’t out, and there will be at least one batch of laundry that takes forever to dry. At times, this batch of clothes could dry with a weird smell. As tough as it seems, we can’t let the unfavorable weather rain on our parade to get our chores done. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your clothes dry and fresh during the rainy season.

What causes clothing to smell?

Many Pinoys try to dry their clothes indoors during the rainy season, which often leads to clothes drying with a musty smell. This happens because of the moisture build up in the fabric, leading to bacteria growth. Drying clean clothes in a dark place can also contribute to fungi growth.

Your measure of detergents can also make clothes smell unpleasant. Excess detergent can accumulate, which makes the clothes more exposed to bacteria build up. Putting in too little detergent will not get your clothes clean. Hence, you must follow the automatic washing machine instructions for proper detergent measurement.

You might not notice it, but sometimes the source of unwelcomed odors in your clothes is the washing machine itself. Detergents and fabric softeners residue may not be completely washed away, harboring more bacteria, and blocking the machine’s filter over time. So, if you continue washing your clothes without cleaning the washing machine, you are exposing your clothes to bacteria in the water.

Laundry Tips to Keep Clothes Fresh during Rainy Days

Laundry tips for rainy season

The Philippines experiences rains and typhoons throughout the year, and many Pinoys have become wais in how to dry their laundry and make them fresh when the sun isn’t there to do it for them. Here are some ways to help wash and dry your clothes better during rainy days:

  • Prioritize your laundry load

Letting moisture linger in your clothes can cause a musty smell. This means that if you came home sweaty or you came from the gym, it’s always best not to mix your sweaty garments in the hamper unless you plan to wash them the same day. If you don’t want to wash them, let them air dry before throwing them in the hamper. Wash the clothes that need to be cleaned first, like kids’ school uniforms or clothes that have been soiled or sweaty. You should also turn your garments inside out before loading them into the machine. This will ensure that sweat stains come in close contact with the detergent.

  • Pre-soak clothes before washing

This works best for clothes you wear daily inside the house or heavily stained clothes. Pre-soaking clothes allow the detergent to loosen and dissolve stains, making them easier to remove in the wash cycle. You can pre-soak your clothes in the washing machine or a basin.

  • Wash in warm water when needed

Stinky bacteria cannot survive in a hot-water cycle, so if you have clothes with a musty smell, you can try running them in warm water. Warm water has good cleaning power without being too aggressive on fabrics. Be sure to check clothing labels to check if they can handle the heat. Heavily soiled clothes will be cleaned well if you run them at the highest temperature they can handle to ensure that stains and germs are removed.

  • Use an electric fan to dry clothes

If you have no choice but to dry your clothes inside your home because of heavy rains, using an electric fan can help you dry them faster and prevent growing a musty smell on them. By circulating air through the fan, you reduce the humidity around the clothes, allowing them to dry faster. When a wet cloth is surrounded by dry air, the air will absorb the water from the damp cloth, and electric fans make this process quicker. So better find a handy desktop fan or stand fan during the rainy season for your clothes to avoid amoy kulob clothes.

  • Clean your machine

Regularly checking and cleaning your machines is important to keep them in tiptop shape. If your washing machine has a self-clean feature, be sure to utilize it to ensure it is running at its optimal function. You can also deodorize your machine by running a short cycle using vinegar and baking soda. After the cycle, leave the machine cover open so the tub can dry adequately.

Power Wash and Dry with Condura AquaCare Washing Machine

Looking for an excellent partner to help wash and dry your clothes during the rainy season? Condura’s AquaCare washing machines with dryer are your partner all year round! The AquaCare washing machine series comes in Twin Tub, Top Load, and Front Load, all inspired by the Filipino families’ needs and preferences when it comes to elevating their laundry washing experience.

If you want a washing machine that will offer you the combo of hand wash and machine wash, the AquaCare Twin Tub Washing Machine is the perfect fit for your home. This washer is ideal for your budget, whether you have a small or large family. It also comes with the Easy Scrub Basin, a modern washboard cover lid that allows you to pretreat your clothes before using the Power Wash function gently. It’s equipped with an Air Dry Feature that enhances the machine’s spin-dry function, making your clothing dry faster.

The AquaCare Front Load Washing Machine has a built-in dryer, so you don’t have to worry about drying your clothes even during the rainy season. This Condura washing machine uses inverter technology and consumes less energy which translates to lower electric bills. It’s also equipped with the Spa Care Program that removes stubborn stains while killing harmful bacteria and germs by releasing warm steam during the wash cycle.

The AquaCare Top Load Washing Machine uses Fuzzy Logic Technology to accurately measure the required water level to meet the laundry load. It also has an Auto Tub Cleaning Function that deep cleans the machine’s inner and outer tub to eliminate dirt. Best of all, this washing machine will only cost households Php0.35 per wash. Imagine the savings!

Condura has been providing Filipino households better home and negosyo solutions through quality appliances. Condura offers extensive warranties on the AquaCare washing machine series. The AquaCare Twin Tub comes with a 5-year warranty, while the Front Load and the Top Load washing machines come with 10-year warranties.

Laundry is a tedious task for many Filipinos, especially those with larger families, and it usually comes with more demands during the rainy season. Luckily, Condura is here to be the best laundry partner no matter the season. Don’t let the rain stop you from getting fresh and dry clothes. Visit our website or partner online stores, such as Shopee and Lazada, for more details on the AquaCare washing machines.


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