Pandemic-Proof Food Business Trends in the Philippines [2022]


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Pandemic-Proof Food Business Trends in the Philippines

Pandemic proof business ideas

Almost three years into the pandemic, things have started to turn for the better as businesses have found ways to maximize technology to their advantage. If there’s anything, the pandemic has reminded us that the food industry is vital. Taste may change from one person to another, but one thing’s for sure is that everyone needs to eat. The high volume of Pinoy food lovers means there are a lot of potential customers. There’s also a wide variety of food products, so it’s easy for food retailers to enter the market. Now that the country is lifting more restrictions, here are pandemic-proof food business ideas to try within your community.

Impact of Pandemic to Small Businesses in the Philippines

The COVID-19 pandemic has battered the Philippine economy and has gravely affected small business owners. Data from micro-retailers in a rapid retailers’ assessment conducted by the Philippine Association of Stores and Carinderia Owners (PASCO) showed that 42% of sari-sari stores and 75% of carinderias in the country were forced to close during the lockdowns. In comparison, others had to downsize their operations by up to 90% to cut losses and stay afloat.

While larger corporations have already entered the recovery stage six months after the major lockdown in March 2020, many micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are still reeling from a sharp decline in demand and revenue. An Asian Development Bank study found that, on average, 73.1% of MSMEs were forced to close their businesses a few weeks into the outbreak in the Philippines. Manufacturing was heavily affected, and supply chains were disrupted, resulting in delays in the delivery of both goods and services.

New Normal Health Safety Tips for Small Business Owners

Pandemic business tips

Now that the new normal is the future, small food business owners must consider heightened health and safety tips for their business to thrive. The country is slowly recovering from the impacts of the pandemic, and businesses must adopt the new normal going forward.

  • Practice social distancing

This applies if you own a carinderia or a cafeteria where people can dine in-store. Ensure that customers are socially distanced while eating since they take off their masks. If you have tables, make sure that it’s at least one seat apart. Ensuring that your staff is vaccinated against COVID keeps customers’ worries at bay.

  • Enforce mask rule

A face mask has been proven to help prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. Enforcing a mask rule while people are looking at food items and while they order can ensure minimal risk of transmission. Basic health protocols should also be mandated for customers and staff, like temperature checks and alcohol spray before entry.

  • Use gloves and hair net in food preparation

To ensure the quality and sanitization of the food you are selling, you and your staff should take extra health precautions during food preparation, such as using a hair net and gloves. Use proper food storage when serving food and always keep the lid on. If you are serving food for takeout or deliveries, ensure that you use quality food packaging for the customers’ health and safety.

  • Ensure better food storage

Any food business will benefit from a trusted refrigerator. If you are looking for a ref that will suit your food business, look no further because Condura is here for you. Condura is proudly the first brand to offer negosyo partners with a guarantee that covers the use of its products for business purposes. It provides an extensive offer of up to 10 years for ref compressors and up to 3 years for parts and service. Simply the best deal any food business owner can get!

The Negosyo Inverter Pro is an excellent option for food storage for your business. It comes with a two-door or single-door variant. It’s also equipped with an inverter compressor, making it energy-efficient so you don’t have to worry about high electricity costs. The Negosyo Inverter Pro is built to last with door racks made from ABS plastic to ensure durability.

Food Business Trends to Try this Year Onwards

Starting a business during the pandemic is possible. With ample research and planning, you can live your entrepreneur dreams. Here are some food business ideas that are generally safer to venture into amid the pandemic:

Carinderia or food stalls

Food is essential whatever time of the day, and that’s why it’s a profitable venture for many Pinoys. If you love cooking, turn your passion into profit by setting up an eatery. You can start on a delivery basis if you don’t have the space for a carinderia. If you want to sell merienda, setting up a food stall near bus or jeep terminals will surely be profitable.

Prep meals

Now that employees are slowly returning to the office, you can take advantage of the fact that you can prepare their meals in calorie-counted portions. A meal prep business is usually targeted toward millennials and Gen X since they have the purchasing capacity. It might be a little costly when it comes to the process of meal preparation itself, but if you want to start slow, you can start by selling bento boxes for lunch or breakfast meals.

Mobile coffee shop

Coffee is part of many people’s morning routine, and Filipinos love a good coffee shop concept. If you are a coffee lover, you can experiment with a blend different from the rest. Try offering other drinks, aside from coffee, to cater to non-coffee drinkers. Target to attend weekend market fairs to promote your business and to reach many customers.

Find Your Reliable Refrigerator and Freezer Negosyo Partner

Condura’s Negosyo refrigerators and freezers are the perfect ka-asenso partner for small food businesses. You can go with Condura’s Ultima line of refrigerators for your small home business. The Ultima Inverter (Two-Door) is a solid option for your home and negosyo needs. This Condura ref has a high energy efficiency factor and will only cost as low as Php 5.07 a day! This is perfect if you have a small food business, like selling ice candy, ice, or other cold desserts.

You can opt for the Negosyo No Frost Inverter Pro for other food business needs. This Condura refrigerator is equipped with Double Cooling Technology that helps prevent mixing odors and flavors and keeps humidity at an optimum level. It’s eight cu. ft. and 9 cu. ft variants feature a 68-liter freezer that can fit up to 14 ice cream tubs. The best part is that this unit will only cost you as much as Php7.36 a day. Imagine all the savings!

If storage for drinks is what a business is after, Condura’s Negosyo Chiller Pro can store up to 336 soda cans in its 12 cu. ft. model. Its Powercool System Technology allows for up to nine hours of faster cooling, which is ideal for the speedy turnover of drinks, especially on a busy and hot day.

Suppose you have a convenience store or mini grocery store. In that case, the Negosyo Chest Freezer Inverter Pro or Negosyo Chest Non-Inverter Pro could be a great option for you to have enough storage for frozen food.

As a food business owner, it’s vital that you do your part in securing the safety of the products that you are selling. This includes regular disinfection and sanitization of your eatery, sterilizing spoons and forks before use, and regular cleaning of the refrigerator. It’s important that you have a reliable partner like Condura, who aims to let you achieve the best for your small business. Visit Condura’s website to know more about their negosyo refrigerators and other appliances. Be on the lookout for freezer prices in the Philippines, promos, and discounts on our Facebook page and partner online stores such as Lazada, Shopee, and Abenson!


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